This is a commercial I directed with Mat Landour  as BAT for the Domru russian brand.
In this film, we introduce a quirky russian family that struggles with their old internet network. Let's hope they find something which will suit their needs. 
Client: Domru
Creative Agency: Instinct (BBDO group)
Creative Director: Roman Firainer
Copywriter / Art director: Olga Veretinskaya

Russian Production Company: Fetish Film
Producer: Irina Lavrova

Production Company: NOMINT
Directors: BAT (Bali Engel, Mat Landour)
Executive Producer: Marilena Vatseri, Christos Lefakis
Creative Producer: Nefeli Petika
Design: BAT
Graphic Design: Chris Golfis
Title animation/ 2d Animation: Tony Comley
Additional Design: Michael Towers, Richard Smithson

Animation Company: Red Knuckles
Concept Art: BAT, Tim Holleyman
Modelling: Leonardo Vitti, Francis-Xavier Martins
Animators: Fabiana Ciatti and Conor Ryan
Lighting&Rendering: Paco Rocha
Matte paintings: Tim Holleyman

Colour Grading: Mick Vincent (@theMill)
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